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this is the website of Steve Kaluski ARPS
wildlife photographer

I am passionate about the natural world.

My objectives are to keep a simple approach endeavouring, wherever possible, to use clean or muted backgrounds to give the subject matter more prominence and greater clarity for the viewer. I have sought to capture portraits of the animals and birds reflecting a relaxed and natural character.

All images were shot digitally allowing the majority of work to be done in camera, leaving minimal post production work.


Another 'Gold'
14th June 2011
Check this out...
14th June 2011
Awards this year
06th August 2010


United Kingdom United Kingdom
A location in which I would like to extend my knowledge and increase my images in 2009.
Botswana Botswana
A favourite location of mine, where game is plentiful and the trackers and guides are second to none.
Galapágos Galapágos
A part of the world where man has not yet been able to ruin and where animals and birds have no fear of humans.
India India
A very historical and regal location.
Kenya Kenya
The land of the 'original' safari.